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Part 1xiii: Partitive/Measurement Exercise

Before Watching…

In the following clip the group is given a set of division problems, and for each is asked to determine whether the problem is an example of partitive or measurement division.   Here are the problems, try to solve them yourself before you watch the clip.   When we solve the problems as a group in the clip we will draw bar diagrams to help us determine which interpretations is being used, so you might want to do so as well.  Remember, the directions are to simply identify the interpretation that is being used; you don’t have to solve the problems.  The problems are taken from page 65 of the U.S. Edition of Primary Mathematics Textbook 3A (published by Marshall Cavendish Education, distributed by Inc).

  • Ashley made 205 muffins. She put them into boxes of 4 each. How many boxes of muffins were there?
  • 5 packets of ground coffee weigh 750 g. How much does each packet weigh?
  • A man has 316 oranges. He puts 3 oranges in a bag. How many bags of oranges can he make?
  • David has 74 wheels. If he uses 4 wheels to make a toy car, how many toy cars can he make?
  • Justin has 729 yards of wire. He cuts it into pieces. Each piece is 3 yards long. How many pieces can he get?

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