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The majority of the content on this site consists of video clips that contain explanations of elementary school arithmetic topics. I have organized the clips into five broad sections: Place Value/Arithmetic Models/Arithmetic Algorithms, Mental Math, Primes/Divisibility, Fraction Arithmetic, and Word Problems/Model Drawing. There are two types of clips; the majority of them were filmed in the summer of 2011 at Worcester State University, and a few were taken from a professional development course I taught for in-service teachers during the summer of 2009. Each clip contains an explanation of a particular topic in elementary mathematics, as well as a reference to any previous clip to which it might connect.

I have attached supporting documents to several clips. These documents fall into three general categories. When re-watching the clips I noticed that in a few places I forgot to mention key topics and/or made mistakes, so some of the supporting documentation includes forgotten topics or corrections to errors. Also, a few of the 2009 clips contain a discussion of exercises that were part of homework assignments given to the participants. In these cases I have included documents containing the questions that were solved in the clips, so feel free to attempt the questions before watching the clips that contain the solutions. Finally, several clips in the ‘primes/divisibility’ section contain content that lends itself to higher-level mathematical discussion. In a few cases I have attached documents that contain proofs of some of the number theoretical results discussed in the clips, and in other cases I mention possible activities that could extend the discussions normally given in elementary school.

The specific mathematical content contained in the clips is drawn from a course I teach at Worcester State University titled ‘Number and Operations for Teachers’. The textbook we use is ‘Elementary Mathematics for Teachers’ by Tom Parker and Scott Baldridge. This text uses as supplemental materials several textbooks from Singapore, thus as a result many of the techniques discussed in the clips (especially model drawing) could be considered ‘Singapore Math™’ techniques.

Note: I was originally planning to attach a few pages from the Parker/Baldridge text and the 
Singapore textbooks to certain clips; however I have since decided to simply include instructions on where to purchase these (and other useful) books. As a result, there are a few clips in which I refer to attached pages that are not there! So please visit the website if you are interested in learning more about Singapore Math™ and/or if you are interested in purchasing books or classroom materials.

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